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                                                  We're 80 Years Behind And Dragging our Heels

What we are offering our special customers is 80 years behind the times. It is the strangest of circumstances. We are falling further behind, yet we are way ahead of the curve. We don't even begin to measure up, yet the nutritional and benefit numbers are on our side.

We work hard, very hard, to not get sucked in to today's beef and pork production mistakes. We are not on the cutting edge by any stretch of the imagination. We are working overtime to be at least 80 years behind today's new frontier technologies when it comes to beef, pork and lamb production. And we are absolutely elated to be way back here. We know all to well, and most likely you do too, that "Those that Live By the Cutting Edge, Will Die by the Cutting Edge." Contemporary beef, pork and lamb cutting edge technologies are helping to cut it short for many. 

We make deliveries to the Kirksville, Columbia, Quincy, Kansas City, St. Louis and Western Illinois. 

                                                                                 USDA INSPECTED

At Attadale Farm we offer our grass-fed beef two different ways. One way is by the 1/4, 1/2, and whole carcass. By offering our grass-fed beef to you this way you will be purchasing your beef at the lowest cost per pound. Our price is based on the HANGING WEIGHT, not the live weight or the packaged weight. Hanging weight, or dressed weight, is the weight of the cow hanging in halves in the cold box just before it is cut according to your selections.  Hanging weight is roughly 60% of the live weight. Each cow has a different weight, but if a live cow weighs 1000 lbs and dresses at 60%, the whole hanging weight would be about 600 lbs., the 1/2 would be about 300 lbs and the 1/4 would be about 150 lbs. These are approximate numbers. Your beef hanging weight probably will be a little different. And because you may want your steaks or cuts boneless, or do not want soup or dog bones, or don't want ribs, the actual wrapped weight of your beef will be less than the hanging weight.


The best price per pound is for the WHOLE. It currently is $5.00/ lb* **. So, for instance, even if you and 3 other friends go together and each get a 1/4, you've just bought a whole.

Next is the 1/2 priced at $5.25/ lb.* ** 

The split 1/4 sells for $5.50/lb.* **  Split means selections from the front and back of the cow.


                                                       INDIVIDUAL BEEF CUTS

The second way we sell Attadale Farm Grass-Fed Beef is by the individual cut.

Grass-Fed Beef Cut Price Per Pound:

Brisket $ 8.00

Filet $22.00

Flank $ 12.00

Ground Beef $ 6.50

Heart $ 4.50

Kidney $ 2.50

Liver $ 5.50

Osso Bucco $ 7.00

Oxtail $ 4.50

Ribs - Back $ 7.00

Ribs - Short $ 7.00

Ribs-Boneless Short $7.50

Roast - Arm $ 6.50

Roast - Chuck $ 6.50

Roast-Round $7.00

Roast Eye Of Round $7.00

Roast - Rump $7.00

Roast-Sirloin Tip $7.50

Roast-Tri Tip $7.00

Steak-Rib Eye $13.00

Steak-Round $7.00

Steak-Sirloin  $7.50

Steak-Skirt $6.50

Steak-Strip $11.00

Soup Bones $4.00

Stew Meat $7.50

Tenderloin - Whole $22.00

Tongue $4.5

                                                                                                 Payment Terms

Investing in your Attadale Farm Grass-Fed Beef is easy. We ask for a deposit of $200 per half or 1/4. The balance is due when you receive your order.

                                                                               Available Year 'Round

Delivery and shipping are available at no cost. Please contact us to get specific information regarding each option.

These are the basics to purchasing and obtaining your grass-fed beef. You probably will have questions. Please ask. If possible, we don't want you to have any surprises!

Investing in your own delicious, tender, healthy and convenient supply of Attadale Farm true local grass-fed beef can and should be a fun, memorable, educational and rewarding experience, and hopefully--habit! 



*Price includes processing.

**Prices subject to change without notice.


Steve and Sandy Fahsbender

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