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                                        "The Heart Of The Solution, The Solution Of The Heart!"


Our Grass-Fed Sheep and Grass-Fed Cows graze well together. Not only is there safety in numbers but each will help reduce the parasites in the pasture.


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Mary had a little lamb not acting as it should.                                And now that lamb that Mary had is tasting mighty good. 

Be merry! Have a little lamb.                

                                GRASS-FED LAMB

                                        FOR SALE

There is great nutritional value available in many animals correctly raised, fed and prepared. The same goes for flavor and a pleasant dining experience. Sheep are not an exception to this but rather a great example. University created, USDA accepted animal growth manipulation exercises are the great exception. In the United States, the goal of production volume has replaced the goal of product quality.  Most producers who are considered "smart" by the masses fall in line to enact the University findings and procedural practices they have created.  The USDA participates by assigning their stamp of approval.

Current trends are to increase sales by providing beef, pork and lamb that are considered by the powers and producers to be "good enough." Not the best. Good enough. And of course good enough is a subjective level set by the violators of our food supply. Marketing skills employing contemporary buzz words have improved and increased, but the intrinsic value of their created product continues its retreat. The goal of quantity has replaced the standard of quality. Consistent flavor, nutrition and carcass quality standards have been given the back seat to "numbers produced." And the tale is told in the health of America. Got pills? If you eat that stuff you best secure some.

Quality, nutritional lamb products are part of a natural progresion for us here at Attadale Farm. We began with beef, later added pork and now, much later, have included lamb in the mix. If we had to, we would admit that nutrition is our primary goal. Not volume, flavor or dining experience. Not even price or income. Today it is price that is killing the consumer. We feel fortunate that we do not have to choose between nutrition and quality. In all of our meat products, nutrition means great taste.  If we can't sustain ourselves by producing the best products, we'll quit. Contrary to contemporary product standards, your early, accelerated demise is not "good enough" to us.  

If you choose to depart the bland, unhealthy cycle of participating in the American diet to which most tastebuds have become accustomed, a fabulous future awaits. But, that is your decision to make.

Maybe decide to try some lamb today!

We Make Deliveries To The Kirksville, Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis And Western Illinois Areas                                                             


                                                   LAMB PRICES

Attadale Farm offers lamb by the cut and by the whole lamb. The whole lamb price is based on the hanging weight.  This price includes shrink wrap packaging. If you desire vacuum packaging, add $.25/ lb.

                                                  Individual Cut Prices Per Pound

Ground Lamb               $7.00

Chops                           $8.50

Shank                           $7.50

Stew Meat                    $8.00

Osso Bucco                  $8.00

Shoulder Roast             $7.50

Leg of Lamb                  $7.50

Lamb Bones                  $4.00

Liver                               $5.00

Tongue                           $4.00

Heart                              $5.00

Kidneys                          $4.00