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                                                                      Attadale Farm Offers True Local  "Bee True" Pure Raw Honey

                                                                          "The Heart of the Solution, The Solution of the Heart!"


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At Attadale Farm we have added another natural "Flower Fed" product to our healthy alternatives to CFC's "commercial food calamities". Raised here on the farm, our honey bees flirt with our multiple flower types of clovers, trefoil, goldenrod, chickory, flowering trees and much more for great natural pure raw honey you are sure to enjoy.

We work hard at maintaining our grass-fed beef pastures, flowering landscapes and Jurassic Pork flowering timber and our bees help us in the process.

Pollination is paramount. We appreciate our bee's busy assistance, and we also appreciate the honey they leave for you and me. Busy throughout the season, as various flower species bloom, we all benefit from the wonderful subtleties in flavors they add to their clover honey base. Local alergie sufferers benefit from our honey as well.

It is a rough world today for honey bees with all the pests and outside spray and treatment applications going on.

Unfortunately for honey consumers, it is quicker and easier to deal with these issues with chemical treatments.

Of great importance is the fact that we do not use any chemicals or pesticides.  We employ mechanical and natural measures to keep our colonies healthy. How about your current honey supplier? 

Always great by itself, to sweetin tea or in your special beef or pork grill sauce.  

Currently available in a classic style 1 lb. glass jar for only $8.00.

We thank you and our bees thank you!