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About Us

We truly hope the photos speak clearly as to about whom this section should really be.  Attadale Farm is not about the owners, Steve and Sandy Fahsbender.  It's not about the farm's name's sake, Atta Fahsbender, my grandmother, or Dale Fahsbender, my father (Attadale Farm).  Farmers from Illinois, they both obviously had profound influences on my life, but this farm is not about us.

The "us" is undeniably and unmistakably about the animals on our farm.  It is the animals that have the ultimate and greatest value.  We personally will never have offspring to offer you for a tasty nutritious meal.  We may be clever and witty, smart and well respected, honest and trustworthy, but that doesn't bring enough at market to keep the farm viable.  The smartest we can be is to try to keep the animals happy, healthy, safe and satisfied while they are here. The most untrustworthy we can be is to squander the true value each animal entrusted to us intrinsically possesses and offers to us all.

We purchased an Amish farm that needed a grazing and pasture make over.  We installed a pressurized frost-free stock tank watering system that collects rain water in fenced off ponds and then pumps it to the various paddocks for the animal's free consumption.  We have planted the pastures with a combination of 7 non-GMO grasses and alfalfa to increase the availability of quality growing grass for the animals throughout the cool and warm seasons. Our fertilization is accomplished by natural means: cow manure (which returns 80% of the nutrients they eat to the soil, tromping vegetable matter into the soil ( decaying plant matter is a super source of nutrients) and applying crushed rock for minerals. Insect control is accomplished naturally by encouraging our natural bird life to flourish, chickens, rotational grazing which keeps our pastures at reasonable heights and cutting and baling. Only one time did we have to apply a biodegradable insecticide. This happened when we had an extreme infestation of grasshoppers and crickets. They had consumed all of the alfalfa, eaten much of our grasses, were getting in the house, getting in our hair and clothes when we were outside and continuing to increase in number. After the one application they were gone and have not returned. We were able to save our farm! This was our one and only application.  

Because we are satisfied with our combination of grasses, we either rotationally mow and bale our own hay or employ a process called stockpiling (leaving certain pastures ungrazed) so our animals can consume the same quality pasture in the winter or when snow, ice, drought or whatever else may prevent access to the grasses. Additionally, we rotationally graze the cattle to maintain and improve the quality of the soil and pasture grasses.  This process also keeps to a minimum the ingestion of parasites which can infest the lower levels of the pasture grasses.This practice helps keep our cows healthier.  Remember, "My Cows Eat Right So You Can Too!"

                                                                             Not All Cars That Burn Gas Are The Same !

                                                                           Not All Cows That Burn Grass Are The Same !

After months of research, investigation, comparison and analization, and now years of production, Attadale Farm is fortunate to have, glad to raise and proud to offer Galloway beef. The Galloway is what a beef cow should be and is the "best" grass-fed choice. It is the source of a healthy, tender, juicy, flavorful and cost effective meal. The Galloway is one of the oldest original breeds and is highly suited for grass grazing. Unlike the Angus, dairy crosses and contemporary breeds, the Galloway has not been altered to improve its finishing characteristics in today's feedlots on starches, grains, hormones, antibiotics and asthma medicine. The Galloway has not been bred to be pasture or feedlot giants. They are bred pure and still maintain the original characteristics that consistently score them high on meat carcass and tenderness quality tests.  The Galloway are known for their impeccable marbling potential, tenderness, juiciness and highly desirable taste. It's what we eat and enjoy! Why would we sell you less?

                                                                                                         Our Goal?  

                         To Give You The Finest Quality, Health Inducing Beef At The Lowest Possible Price!


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