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One of our customers was kind enough to forward a picture of his pork side. That's a pastured heritage Hereford Hog for 'ya. He was proud. We are too.


                                        Attadale Farm Local Pastured Pork

                  For You Who Want The Very Best, Whether You Deserve It Or Not!

                                                            For  Sale

                 The above photo shows part of our new area we have prepared for our current group of Pastured Pork. 

                                              Contemporarily Impractical; Nutritionally Vital

                              At Attadale Farm, Available! 

                                DREAM GOOD! EAT BIG!

Our purebred Hereford Hog Pastured (Jurassic) Pork is now for sale (What is Jurassic Pork? Take a look at our Jurassic Pork page.)  We harvest after they have consumed the fallen acorns, hickory nuts and walnuts. It is a taste to behold! Above is a picture of an actual side of bacon we provided to a customer. Obviously not the "other white meat" peddled through the markets or pork warehouses.

Early on we decided we didn't want our chickens to oink or our pigs to lay eggs. Our pork has a natural deep pink to red color. It tastes and looks like pork should taste and look, not how commercial confinement pork currently tastes and looks, negatively affected with drugs, rationed University created science diets that are being deemed as harmful, counterproductive nitrates, artificial lighting and grated floors for easy cleanup. Heck, with our pork you won't even have to doctor the bacon or ham with stuff like liquid smoke and Nitrates to hide the real flavor. Doing that kind of thing to our pork is like A-1 on Filet Mignon. We don't even have to give them their "coping" meds that help them emotionally deal with crowded, lock down confinement. We do spray iodine on their wounds if they happen to scratch themselves on a log or branch. Sometimes they may twist an ankle when foraging on a hill side (they do have four to twist, you know), but they are pretty good about taking it easy until it heals.  


                                                                        We're 80 Years Behind And Dragging our Heels

What we are offering our special customers is 80 years behind the times. It is the strangest of circumstances. We are falling further behind the times, yet we are way ahead of the curve. We don't even begin to measure up, yet the numbers are on our side.

We work hard, very hard, to not get sucked in to today's beef and pork production mistakes. We are not on the cutting edge by any stretch of the imagination. We are very satisfied to be at least 80 years behind today's cutting edge technologies when it comes to beef and pork production. We are absolutely elated to be way back here. We know all to well, and most likely you do too, that as a very good, popular book reveals, "Those that Live By the Cutting Edge, Will Die by the Cutting Edge." Contemporary beef and pork cutting edge technologies are cutting it short for many.

                                                  "We Have No Problem With Competitors Selling For Less"

                                                            They Know What Their Stuff Is Worth!! 

Jurassic Pork is available in Whole or 1/2 . They dress out at about 165 to 200 lbs. hanging weight. The pricing will be according to the hanging weight. The Whole is $4.90/lb and the 1/2, $5.15/ lb.  Processing is included in the price! We ask for a $150 deposit per half. The balance is due when you receive your order. We have individual cuts available as well. Please contact us for available cut selections.

We make deliveries to the Kirksville, Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis and Western Illinois Areas. And, of course, in between!

                                                            INDIVIDUAL PASTURED PORK CUTS


Bacon sliced  $ 8.00

Bacon Slab $ 8.00

Brats, Classic $6.50

Ears $3.00

Ground Pork $ 6.00

Whole Ham $ 6.50

Ham Slice  $ 6.75

Heart $ 3.00

Hocks $ 6.00

Jowl/Cheek $7.50

Lard $5.00

Liver $ 3.00

Loin Roast $ 8.00

Pork Chops bone In $ 7.25

Pork Chops  boneless $ 7.50

Pork Roast Butt  $6.50

Pork Roas Callie (Picnic)  $ 6.00

Pork Steaks $6.50

Ribs - Baby Back $5.50

Ribs - Country Style $ 7.00

Ribs - Spare $ 5.25

Tongue $ 3.00

Tendersoin-Whole $13.00

Bones  $3.50


Contact us for a current inventory of individual cuts and prices. We stand behind everything we sell 

You may have questions about purchasing Jurassic Pork. Please, give us a call, stop by or e-mail us with your questions. We'd love to hear from you and make sure you have all of your questions answered.



                                                             "The Heart of the Solution, The Solution of the Heart!"